Friday, February 23, 2018

Lost Dutchman 8K LOVE

Last weekend we got to not only have a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Hill, but we also got to participate in one of my favorite race venues, the Lost Dutchman!  We all decided to tackle the 8k trail run which is an absolute BLAST.  Last year it was pouring rain, but this year was beautiful and a perfect morning for a race.

Bob was wonderful and watched the girls while the 3 of us ran.  I didn't have any personal goal except to go out and do my best.  I knew from past experience that it was critical to get to the front of the pack if you intended to run the whole thing.  Lots of walkers take on the scenic route, and I really wanted to get out and run!  I have been working so hard to get my strong back and through the help of my Doc, my Coach, and my husband, I am making HUGE strides.  I finally am feeling amazing.

I crawled my way to the front and hit it hard out of the gate.  8K is right under 5 miles so I wanted to run hard.  Right from the start I just had it.....that fire.  I started turning the legs over and knew without question that I had that extra gear.  One of my triathlon acquaintances flew by me at the start.  Definitely couldn't hold her.  Then another of my buddies came up behind me and I grabbed onto her 7:45 pace and held on.  There are a million thoughts that swirl through your mind when you determine that this race is one that you can "throw down" in.  Really?  Can I actually run this fast for 4 more miles?  Does it matter?  Should it matter?  Why? Seems like a lot to think about, but as I felt my body push hard I felt happy.  I can do this.....and I REALLY wanted to!  So she and I held each other.  We added a 3rd lady to the mix who was speedy to and the 3 of us paced together.

As I came to the end I knew that I was giving all that I had (or had trained for) and really felt fantastic.  I finished in the top 5 females and managed to claim the top spot in my age group.  It was an incredible feeling of accomplishment to feel strong from the inside out.  Grandma Jill rocked a 2nd in her age group, Grandpa nailed his goal of under 1 hour, and Evie threw up because she rode the merry go round too long.  All in all.....a very successful morning!  

This race was a huge win for me because I felt strong again.  I haven't felt that amazing for a long time.  Recovery is happening now that I am truly allowing it.  Its a good thing!

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