Longmire News

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm Tired

Ha, so I just recently had a moment and looked at the last time I blogged.  It was nearly 2 weeks ago.  I found myself wondering what happened?  Has nothing of significance happened recently?  and then I realized, no, its not that our life has been too ho hum for comment, instead its been so busy with this new toddler in our mix, I am CONSTANTLY moving.  Every parent will concur that as your kids get older it doesn't get easier, it just gets different.  You trade one thing in for the next and that is so true of my life right now.

Evie Frances is MOBILE and walking.  She still favors crawling everywhere because it gets her into trouble faster, but she is walking when she wants and loving this freedom movement gives her.  I. AM. TIRED!  It is non stop at my house.  I mean.....non stop.  There are days where I just live for nap time and for running time.  Those are literally the only 2 times a day where Evie is successfully contained.  Key word....successfully.

We have gates up.....she pulls them down.  We have roadblocks for the stairs....she climbs over them.  We close the toilets....she opens them and "splashes."  We keep the shower curtains closed....she navigates through them and plays in the drains.   I give her toys....she screams for the remotes...or the phone.  She climbs EVERYTHING without an ounce of caution or concern.  

I fold her blankets and put them away.....she opens her drawer and removes ALL of them.  I give her a basket of board books......she crawls over them and heads to the real books (ripping paper is awesome!).  The recycling bin contains boxes and plastics....until Evie comes in and disperses them all over the kitchen.  She throws food....because thats fun.  She eats dirt and bugs......because that's fun too.  She finds markers Lily has left around and opens them......black makes awesome lipstick.   She loves her sister....and pulling her hair.  Oh and on the pulling front.....kitty tails are awesome!

Leave a door open.....she's gone.  Leave wipes open....she inspects each one. Take your eyes off of her for one minute and things like this happen.  I will say it again.... It's tiring over here at the Longmire house.

While Evie occupies every ounce of my energy, my little Lily is all about running, tickles, coloring, swimming and getting her nails painted.  She loves braids and dresses and water and dirt.  She is growing up so much, but still is that busy little girl exploring her world and discovering new trouble to get into.  She loves her Daddy.  I mean really loves him and this new reality that he gets to take work breaks for tickling is awesome.  She is rambunctious and opinionated with a will of iron and a spirit overflowing with energy.  She is a good kid....a REALLY good kid and I love her....every part.

I love this life of mine, but man does it keep me busy.  I'm tired!  When I crawl into bed every night thoroughly exhausted and drift off to sleep I always smile though.  Yep, I'm tired, but wouldn't want it any other way.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

There's Nothing You Can Do About It

There is a saying out there that goes something like this: "I smile because you are my family.  I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it!"

This picture right here is the epitome of that little saying and just an absolutely perfect example of what family is.  Fun, spontaneous moments like this one capture dynamics in a family so PERFECTLY.  My big brother, the trouble maker, surprising Dad, and me and mom being our perfectly posed selves.  It truly is a spot on picture.

I just adore my big brother and am so unbelievably blessed and grateful that the Lord brought him and his family into our lives.  It truly is a happy thing.  I had the awesome privilege of taking some of their family photos before Bob and my anniversary shoot and couldn't help but smile.  When Mike and little Mikey climbed up on a statue right in front of the Capital Building in Downtown Denver for a father/son picture I laughed.  Yup, this is my family (please no one take us to Capital jail).  

Family is such a special thing and I won't miss a moment to say how much I love mine.  I'm really glad we are stuck with each other and so happy that my girls have this legacy.   Its a fun group.

Sometimes family might be tough, and different personalities will clash, but hold onto those people with everything you've got.  You only have so much time to love them on this earth so find a way to keep close.  Forgive easily, love unconditionally and laugh often.  After all, you're family, and there is nothing you can do about it!