Longmire News

Thursday, September 11, 2014

15 Months

My wee little baby girl is 15 months today.  The little peanut is not feeling on top of her game today and has been super snuggly all day.  She is so precious.  I don't want her to grow up today.  Couldn't she just stay this little for at least a year? I know, wishful thinking.  Every day I am hit with the reality that she is moving farther and farther away from me and into her own place in this world.  She is beginning to find her way.

Evie LOVES her Daddy right now.  She simply lights up when she sees him and begs for "Uppies" and cuddles.  She gives awesome kisses and tells you assertively when her kisses are not being handed out.  She snuggles and is just beginning to enjoy stories.  She is also loving riding the horses up at Memaws house much to Memaw's delight.  Memaw is also one of those favorite of peoples.  She just loves her "Momum."  We still have yet to get Memaw out.

Evie is a daredevil and has very little self preservation reflexes in her little body.  The park is the most wonderful thing and she has gone down head first down several of the slides only to scare me half silly, jump up off of the ground and smile at her bravery.  Goodness.....I can't keep my eyes off of her!  She also loves the stairs and loves to try to sneak up them when I am occupied elsewhere.  What a goober.

Much like her sister Lily, the Bee is also loving the water these days and if we are not in the pool outside we try to spend some time at the rec center.  Swimming lessons are surely in her future.

This little lady has taken off walking and is desperately trying to make her legs go fast enough to keep up with her sister.  She is so determined to be Lily's shadow, but speed is not her friend.....yet.  She is such a strong little girl and very tough.  There is not a lot that gets to her and she will try anything once, even if it results in a face plant of some kind.

Since Lily is in school 4 mornings a week, Evie and I have a lot of time together which I LOVE.  This little girl is just so special to me and such a doll baby.  Yes, she screams and often.  She asserts her will and throws tantrums.  She should be, she's a kid, but man I love my time with her.  She is so engaged with the world around her and understands so much even though she has few words.  It is so much fun to be able to ask her a question and have her respond to it with her whole body.  The other day she woke up fussy from nap time.  I brought her downstairs, sat on the couch and then asked if she wanted to go and say hi to Daddy.  Oh her whole body started smiling and she crawled down and beelined straight for Daddy's office.  She knows.

My once teeny tiny baby is growing up and is such a big little girl these days.  She is so much hope, so much joy and so much promise.  Of course there is a little mischief thrown in there too.......

But I wouldn't want it any other way!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Journey to IRONMAN: Littlefoot Triathlon

I am just going to say it, I LOVE this new sport of triathlon.  It really is so much fun and so very challenging.  A month ago after finishing the Tri for the Cure, I barely waited 4 hours before signing Bob and I up for the Littlefoot Triathlon a month later.  Unfortunately, I have been dealing with this IT band pain and the week leading up to the TRI I was all butterflies and nerves.  The pain has been slowly improving, but I knew I would have to be tender with the race and pay attention to my body.

Well, the morning of the race showed up and we arose to a brisk 49 degrees.  Oy.  Normally speaking August is a hot month and the water temps are in the low 70s.  Well, this August has been different and the water temperature was a shiver inducing 64 on Saturday AM.  Man was it cold and neither Bob nor I have wetsuits (a problem that WILL be rectified before Half IRONMAN next June!).  I still laugh that we actually got into that water, but we did.

Bob's group began their half mile trek right at 7:05 and I started mine about 20 minutes behind him.  Just like the first TRI, the first 100 yards were just a mental fight against the cold.  The temperature of that water literally sucks the air out of you and you have to fight to breathe and exert yourself swimming.  It is so challenging and only a wee bit scary.

I LOVED the swim.  I have been training so very hard to get more comfortable in the water and am beginning to love that event of the TRI. I felt good and came in 8th of about 30 women in my wave.  Bam.

The bike was a fantastic course and one I really enjoyed.  It was hilly though and required quite a bit of exertion.    I loved my aero bars and felt so confident cruising down the road.  I definitely was passed by the serious racers, but held my own quite well.  Bob went out hard and made up a lot of his lost time in the swim on his bike.

With my IT band, I was most concerned about the run portion (which was new....running is my thing!).  I went out easy and decided not to push it.  I was feeling it, but it wasn't excruciating and I knew I wasn't damaging anything.  The run was nice, but I was definitely glad when it was done.  Still not completely back.

Bob finished well and felt great and I pulled into the finish about 15 minutes later at a great 1:20 time.  Over 10 minutes faster than my first TRI.  Feeling antsy to go further, but grateful that my leg was done.  

My finishing picture wasn't as victorious as the first TRI, but I put it in to remind myself that you can't always have an awesome, perfect and strong race.  It was good, but I definitely have some rehab work to do on my leg.

The Littlefoot Triathlon was a fantastic end of season race and I must now put TRI racing on the back burner, after all.....snow is coming.  Looking forward to many more of these races with the hubby.  Can't wait until we have our IRONMAN medals hanging next to each other!