Thursday, November 19, 2015


I have been so busy this Fall.  It's good.....just busy.  There have been countless mornings, evenings and weekends where the girls have spent their time with Bob.  Thank goodness for the man. He loves to let these kids play.   I think he has decided that if he ever writes a parenting book its going to be....."Just Play with Your KIDS!"  

And let me tell you, these little girls LOVE him.  They are constantly dirty, with crazy hair and whatever they ate still on their faces, but man do they have some fun.

I couldn't believe the other day when I came outside and found Bob with the leaf blower in Lily's face.  She was giggling up a storm and had the biggest smile on her windblown face.  I would never think of doing that with my girls, but it wasn't even a hesitation with Bob.  I am grateful for that.

I have simply no doubts that as these little ladies get older they will always remember and love their Daddy.  He's fun and they have fun together. 

He has set the fun standard high and for that I am truly grateful.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Journey to IRONMAN: A Year Away from Glory

I can see it.....
The finish line......
Everything hurts.  Its been such a long, long, LONG day.....
I don't know why I am doing this and I have fought myself and my aching body for 13+ hours...


There it is.  Right down the line.  Only a few more steps.....just a few more seconds.  The crowds get louder, their cheers bringing me to the end.  I feel my tired body reenergized, "You did it!" I say to myself.  Allowing the reality of a dream come true overtake me, I speed up, against the screaming in my legs.  I raise my arms in victory and cross that IRONMAN finish line. "Bethany Longmire, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!" I hear.  A victory cry escapes my lips and I fall into the arms of my loving family having done it.

A Dream Come True.

Do you see that picture above.....I AM REGISTERED!  My journey to the title of IRONMAN 140.6 has officially begun.  The place is set, the date is set, the money is paid.  I am headed to IRONMAN.


This past weekend was spent out on the course volunteering and cheering many of my AZ TRI Club members onto glory.  It was incredible.  To truly see the human spirit, go to an IRONMAN, volunteer for it, be with the athletes, see their struggle and witness their victory.  It. Is. INCREDIBLE.  

The race this year was brutal.  Our sunshine state was covered in clouds and rained ALL DAY.  It was cold, windy, wet and for many....miserable.  A true test of will.  So many people said to me, "well this will make you never want to do and IRONMAN!"  

They don't know an IRONMAN.  I was so empowered.  IRONMAN isn't about the day.  It isn't about the race.  It is about the journey.  The months and months of training, the people, the sacrifice.  The race day is the victory lap for months of commitment.  You never let bad weather wreck your victory lap.

In order to ensure a spot for myself in next year's race I volunteered at one of the run aid stations for about 5 hours.  What an experience.  It was so incredible because I got to see the lead elites as they finished the final leg of their IRONMAN race. WOW.

After a long day of cold, wet spectating, I came home exhausted.  Boy it's a long day.  I had to be back at the race start by 6:30 this morning to register.  Yes, I had to take the girls.  This morning we headed down to the Tempe Beach Park where I waited in line, paid my money and confirmed that I am on my way. My girls did great.  They are gonna be the best little fans. 

The countdown is on to IRONMAN AZ 2016.

I'm coming for you M dot.