Saturday, August 11, 2018

Back to School!

We did it!  We got both of our girlies in Elementary school, and this week it all became very real.  A new chapter of life has begun!

Evie had a special introductory party for Kindergartners on Monday morning before Back to School night.  She had such a great time meeting some of her friends and hanging out with her teacher Mrs. Rodeffer.  I am so thankful the Evie has Gretchen this year because we love her.  Evie did not shed one tear in the whole process!

My beautiful girls woke up bright and early on the first day of school, and were ready to go even before I was. Their backpacks this year perfectly sum up their personalities. Evie is Wonder Woman......she just is, and her face lit up when she saw the sparkly bag practically made for her.  Lily is bright, bold, and full of fun and friendships. That's Lily, and she chose a backpack that reflects her perfectly. 

Evie seemed so little with her backpack on, and yet her smile tells you everything. Little doesn't mean squat when you are ready!

We captured every moment we could before we headed out on this new grand adventure of having 2 kids in the same school for the same time!

Both of the girls walked right into their lines and didn't even hesitate when the bell rang and they marched off to their classes.  I wasn't sad,  I didn't cry, but I did feel.........reflective.  It's here.  This day is here and I will not have a Kindergartner again.  Life is changing and moving forward.  It's exciting and perhaps a bit more emotional than I can wrap my brain around.

All I can do is hug Bob and smile with excitement.  We did it honey!  We got these beautiful creations to elementary school, and now, the sky is the limit!


The day has come, and Evie, my bumblebee baby, is a KINDERGARTNER. The days were long, but the years have most definitely been short.  She's 5, she's in elementary school, and I have been hit with this beautiful revelation, that my life chapters are changing. 

And oh is Evie so very ready.  There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that she is completely ready to be a Kindergartner. She is one of the bravest, boldest, spiciest little 40 pound kid that I have ever met, and the best part? She's mine.  She is all the things I wish for myself, and its just baked right into her. Gosh this kid is going places.

Evie had a couple moments of nerves, but once she reconnected with her teacher Mrs. Rodeffer, Evie flew the nest without even pausing.  The first day of school was so exciting for her.  The chance to be on the playground, to play with Lily, to be where her sister is, and to do big things.....she didn't hesitate.  I have said it before......and I will say it again.  Evie is Fearless.

I can't help but be in awe about the amazing wonder my Bee is. There is no kid that loves like her, no kid that challenges like her, no kid that believes like her, there is just no other Evie Frances. I love her so much.

There is absolutely no doubt that our Evie is ready for Kindergarten and the great adventure of elementary school.  I am beyond excited for her and we cannot wait to watch just how far this kid will go!

When you are fearless baby girl, life will be limitless.  Spread your spice little one and keep loving the way you do.