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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Journey to IRONMAN: Dopey.....It's Coming

Yeah, I'm not going to lie, I may have been a bit too ambitious in my racing schedule this year.  I just finished training my little behind off for Las Vegas and I am now looking at being less than 3 weeks from the Dopey Challenge in Disney World.  Back to back 5k, 10k, 1/2 Marathon and Marathon in the happiest place on earth (they might be smoking something).

I kind of had to laugh at myself because the Dopey Challenge was supposed to be the post baby #2 race.  In other words, technically, the last year should have been devoted to this big venture, not 2 marathons, several halfs AND the Dopey.   What can I say....I'm a glutton for punishment (oh who am I kidding, I LOVE it!)

Honestly though, I am so glad for the Vegas Marathon. I really got to do all of my hard training during the months where the weather was glorious for it.  Man, if I still had a few 20's to knock out now I would want to cry.  Between the snow and the COLD, running long distance is a little rough.  Especially considering that I still have my 18 month old with me for many of my weekday miles.  

This week the high is about 42....in the heat of the day.  BRRRRRRRR.  I am however, going to conquer the final week of heavy training.  I started today with an easy 3 miles, tomorrow will be 5, Friday will be a smooth 10 and then we go Mickey ears crazy with 22 on Saturday.  The final hoorah to confirm what I already know......"Sure I can run 48.6 miles in 4 days."

This challenge.....its coming.  

Thursday, December 11, 2014

18 Months- A Letter

Dear Evie,

I just have to tell you little one how much I look forward to this day every single month.  I think its because no matter how busy life is or how chaotic it all seems, the 11th of every month is the day when I get to sit down and just think about you.  I love it. I look forward to it and treasure getting to stare at your cute little face while I talk about you.

Christmas time has been fun for you this year because it is all so colorful and exciting.  We tried to put some ornaments on our trees, but stopped after you threw the first one I handed you in a little temper tantrum and broke it.  We have some bell ornaments and you always come by the tree and take them off to shake them.  I have found those ornaments in every corner and under every chair in our house.  

You are such a little girl these days and I am starting to see more and more toddler and less and less baby in you.  You are aware of everything and understand so much.  Your vocabulary is getting bigger and bigger and you can hold your own with Lily.  Your cutest response right now is when you say "Okay" to whatever we ask you.  It is so unbelievably cute and so clear.  You sleep like a champ and are such an amiable little girl.  For the most part.

You want to walk everywhere these days and have such a hard time when you have to hold my hand or I have to carry you for some reason.  Your independence just radiates through you.  We take Lily to school every day and you love to walk down the hall with her.  Speaking of school, you love Lily's classroom.  You would stay there all day if I would let you.

I love having you as a companion little one.  We do everything together in the mornings.  You are a great little running buddy and LOVE "ru nacks!"  Yes, fruit snacks are my go to bribery for keeping you happy in the jogger.  You love them.  Gogurt is a close second these days too.

You are so giggly and love to be tickled, chased and thrown around.  You follow Lily and imitate all of her little faces and silliness.  In many ways you are a little clone of your big sissy and it makes me smile.  You two will be great friends.

Just recently you have discovered how fun it is to read books at night time before bed.  You race into Lily's room, crawl up on her bed and ask for books.  Your attention span is only Brown Bear, Brown Bear long, but man do you love the time together.  When it is time for you to go to bed you stick out your bottom lip which is your kissy face and go around the family giving kisses and hugs.  Let me tell you, there is really nothing better right now than Evie pouty face kisses.  I could have them all day long.

 There is still no person higher on your list than your Daddy.  Well him and Memaw, but he still has top billing.  He is the hero of your little heart and I hope it stays that way.  He loves you so much and you think the world of him.  I am so glad that he works from home so that you can love on him every single day.

I love my time every month to think about you and only you for a while.  You are special and so much joy.  You brighten up my world little one and you make me so happy.  Watching you grow up is such a blessing, but it truly is happening so fast.  I am excited for the times ahead, but want to soak in every single moment of right now.  Keep being a love wee one and keep your little heart open.  I love you Bee!

Happy 18 Months

Love Mom