Friday, February 17, 2017

Simple Truths

Our lives these days are a constant rotation of work, school, eating, working out, doing homework, snuggling and then doing it all over again.  Life is incredibly busy but very simple.  I have found a sort of lull in my blogging because I have found myself immersed in a sense of routine.  Routine isn't all that exciting, but it is knowable, and that is wonderful.  Lily and Evie are just growing up every day and Bob and I are amazed at how independent they are.  They need us less and less which is good, and different.

As more and more influences begin to shape their lives I have been really serious about making sure that their home is full of foundational truths.  After all, the wise man builds his house upon the Rock.  

If home is where the heart is, I have made it a goal to have my heart for my girls literally written on the walls of our home.  It is one thing to say these things and drill them into our children, but it is another thing entirely to let them surround our children without spoken words.   This is who we are.  How powerful to let truth, hope, purpose and light be an aura in your living space.

In our routine of life my girls have embraced the hours of playtime and the amazing opportunity of having a "for life" friend built right into our family.  Their imaginations are wild and while they have moments of intense disagreement and war, nothing compares to the quiet moment when Evie leans over to Lily and says, "Lily, I love you."  Unprompted, unforced.  She just knows that no matter what happens in our house, no matter how angry we can make each other............ we still love each other.  Its that aura.

I am constantly reminded of a College Professor I had that always reminded me to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).  Life is complicated and things get overwhelming.  These girls are going to change the world not by being high powered leaders (which I wouldn't put past either of them), but by simply living and loving in simple truths.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Lily Can READ

Its official, there is NOTHING like watching your child discover the world.  Absolutely nothing compares to watching opportunities and possibilities just open to your kids.  Lily Grace is reading!  Her world just got a whole lot bigger!  Oh the places she will go.

Her teacher has been having her avidly work on sight word lists and we have been encouraging her to recognize those same words out in the wild.  Its hard to transfer that list of words on the pink list to that sign over there, but by golly, she's getting it.  

I pulled out this Dory book on Monday and she helped me read through the first 2 pages.  I  had this brainy idea........."Lily, why don't we try to learn how to read this whole book by the time Daddy comes back from his trip on Wednesday?"  She looked at me and with determination she boisterously exclaimed, "Okay Mommy!  Let's do it."  Any time we could we practiced reading each page and when she mastered it she got to put a sticker on the page.  It was such a fun journey for her and she was SO proud of herself for actually reading.

By Tuesday night Lily had mastered reading the entire 30 page book.  Aside from the trip up words, "They," "Many," "Deep," and "Color," the kid could read the entire book cover to tattered cover.

This is a momentous day because it is the beginning of a lifetime of being able to READ.  It is special and not a privilege afforded to all.  I am so proud of her and cannot wait to see how her reading will grow now that she has discovered SHE CAN READ!