Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Breakin' It Up! is busy.  It's good and wonderful and perfectly chaotic. You know its been busy when you sit down to blog and realize its been nearly 3 weeks since your last post.  WOW......just wow.

Last week was Spring Break and the Longmire family made the absolute most of it.  This year we are doing a lot of travelling and adventures.  It seems like every month we have another adventure on the books.  The girls are actually keeping track of their next adventures on a calendar in their room.  First up Spring Break with Memaw and Papa!

Since we hadn't planned on heading to CO until the middle of break, we made the absolute most out of our time with Daddy.  We renewed our Children's Museum membership and spent one of our days there.

The PCM is awesome and the girls absolutely love that we are back with a membership to come ANYTIME WE WANT TOO!  

Our next adventure was to tackle the zoo.  I took my tribe to my favorite breakfast stop and then we headed to our other favorite park, The Phoenix Zoo.

Even with all the animals to see the girls wanted to do 3 things, see the snakes, play in the treehouse and get wet on the splash pad.  We conquered all those goals and then settled home for a nice afternoon of movie watching.  AHHH Spring Break at its finest!

Early Wednesday, the 3 of us girls packed up and headed to the airport for our trip to CO.  Even at 5AM the girls were fired up and ready to go!

Our first day was spent catching up with our buddies and my sweet solemate Sarah.  We took 3 of our kids to the old running grounds for a 5 mile shake out.  Lily did amazing and ended up riding all 5 miles on her buddy's bike.  It was hot (abnormally hot for CO!) and the altitude just about trounced us flat landers, but it was so wonderful to reconnect.

Once Caleb got home from school, we let the kids play and play and play!  It was so much fun to see these friends pick up right where they left off.  So special.  We ended the day at Chic- Fil- A with hugs and snuggles.

When we weren't playing with friends, running a 1/2 marathon (next blog on that...) or working the photography business, we were running hard up in the mountains doing all sorts of mountain activities.

The girls absolutely LOVE these two Aussies and spent most of their time asking if it was okay to "Give the doggies some treats."  Even though my girls are big and loud and constantly asking them to do tricks, Oreo and Skittles kindly oblige because there is normally a treat to follow.  The girls threw balls and let them lick every plate they ate off of.  Those dogs LOVE my girls.

Papa got busy working the tractor one day and took the crew for a ride.  I may have missed the experience, but my camera loved all the great shots I got!



The tractor rides were only to give the ponies a break between horseback rides.  I love this picture below.  I cannot tell you how many times I have walked that road out to the barn, following my Mother to the place she finds the most joy.....the barn.

Lily is a true horsewoman and is easily following in the footsteps of her Memaw.  I snapped this picture of her with Bon Bon and had one thought,  "Man........she is beautiful."  

Bon Bon is truly a favorite of the ponies at the Flying E.  I have known her nearly all my life.  I grew up with her and have watched her age so sweetly.  She is an old lady now and yet her ability to connect with any rider big or small still remains.  I love that do my girls.

RJ, although young is an excellent horse.  Lily got reacquainted with him.  She remembers.  It all comes flooding back.

While Lily was all about the details and listening to Memaw, my fearless wonder was over lounging on the 1000 pound animal.  Not a care or fear in the world.  Lordy.

All of Lily's time on the back of a horse when we lived in CO came right back to her and Memaw got her independently riding and trotting in no time.  Lily doesn't like the saddle and prefers to be bareback.  That's my girl.  We Longmire girls have got good balance on the back of a horse.

After a while we traded horses.  Evie ran right over to the mounting stump and entertained herself

Lily joined in and I couldn't stop my smile.  Oh the moments between these two.......priceless!

Evie climbed up on her new ride and quickly re assumed the position that she had been keeping previously.  Seriously kid?  Have you no fear?

Lily, of course, was dying in laughter which served nothing but to egg her sister on.

The girls rode and rode and it was only when it was dinner time that we convinced them to get off.  Such little horse ladies.  We cannot wait for the next time!

Unfortunately the only black spot on an otherwise GREAT trip was that both kids arrived in CO sick.  So sick that we ended up at urgent care with ear infections, coughs and a whole lot of nonsense.  Boy am I grateful for antibiotics.  As wretched as they felt they were such troopers.

We spent our last night in a hotel so that we could be up super early for our flight.  We were all tired when we arrived back home.

Spring Break was a win and we had such a blast in CO.  Now we are off to the next adventure!