Tuesday, January 26, 2016

YES.....you ARE!

Today was an incredible day.  One of those mountain top parenting moments.  Today Lily Grace WOWed me, astounded me and made me publicly cry in the doctor's office..........I was literally bursting with pride.  

It happened in 2 parts really, so let me start with right after school.  I have made it a mission to empower my girls.  I am raising them to be women who know how to be strong, bold and claim beauty.  They are beautiful.  I work hard to teach them that so much of the world will try to steal their joy....convince them of something untrue about themselves, but in their hearts they know who they are....who Jesus made them to be. Bold, daring, smart, courageous, kind women.  I say it......on repeat.  Over and over and over and over praying that one day it takes root and grows.  Today the seedling sprouted.

The kids play on the playground after school.  Boys chase the girls.......Lily loves it.  It inevitably gets out of control and today a little boy called her ugly.  She ran up to me wimpering but before I could say anything she stepped away from me, looked back at the little lad and said, "I know that I am beautiful, and smart and strong and brave." That was it.....and she went back to playing.  I stood there amazed. Yes, Lily you ARE.  I didn't have to prompt her......she knew.  She has heard it enough.  She grew up a little bit more right there....... I was so proud.

Then came this afternoon.  Lily was up for a well check DR visit and a few shots.  The last time she had shots I physically had to lay across her while 2 other nurses restrained a screaming, thrashing out of her mind Lily.  I was embarrassed (no its not about me....just being honest), and honestly angry.  So today I went to the DR gearing up for what might possibly lie in store.  Both my girls love the DR and were only too excited to get their ears, chest, throat, eyes, blood pressure and tummies checked.  As the time for shots neared the dread welled up in me.  The nurse walked in and I asked if Lily wanted to sit on my lap, "Not today Mommy, I'm brave, I can do it by myself."  Then little Evie piped in, "I'll hold your hand Lily, we be big brave together."  Lily and Evie sat right on the side of that bench and before the shot Lily put her arm right around Evie, "Watch how I do it Evie, I'm strong and brave."  Then folks.....she did it.  No tears, no screaming.  My Lily got 2 shots without even a whimper.  When it was done she turned to Evie and said, "See Evie, it only hurts for a second."

I sat in the corner completely floored and before I knew it I had tears welling up in my eyes.  Every time I have repeated and repeated and repeated myself.  Every time I have wondered if she will ever grasp how amazing she is. Every time I have worried that I am not doing my job right all welled up in one completely confirming and satisfying moment.  I couldn't help but cry.  YES you ARE brave!  

I love watching my girls grow up, and today I saw the seedling sprouts of incredible women. Women who will be rooted in the knowledge that they can do mighty things, that they are beautiful, that they are brave and kind and courageous, and that they are loved by a BIG God.  Women that listen to the still small voice speaking life to them and shut out the loud roar of negativity.  

These are my girls.  I am proud of them.  I love them.  They are Beautiful. They are Brave.  

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Journey to IRONMAN: 10 Months

Its January 20th today which means I have exactly 10 months until I attempt and complete IRONMAN Tempe.  This is the year......this is the time.......my journey up the IRONMAN Everest has reached Camp 1.  Base Camp is in the rearview (yay for cheesy analogies :) )

I get all tingly when I think about it.  Back in 2007 when I let the idea of IRONMAN enter my brain I could not have even imagined that 9 years later I would be well on my way.  The starting line mere months from being my reality.  Makes me antsy with anticipation.

Oh how glad I am though that I still have those months to prepare myself for this amazing and life changing experience.  With the addition of Lady Dash to my crew I now have everything I will need to get there........ now its just the training.  How do you teach your body to swim 2.4 miles,  pedal non stop for 112 miles on a tiny seat and then run 26.2 miles in one 17 hour window.  Short story?.......by doing it.  Longer story?......by doing it with the help of someone educated and experienced in how to do it efficiently.  

I am ETERNALLY grateful for the AZ TRI Club and even more grateful for the new group I have found to train with, the Las Sendas Run, Bike, TRI group.  I am surrounded by incredibly accomplished, seasoned athletes who see what we all do as a team sport even though we all race individually.  

So I am now working with a coach who has me on a scheduled weekly plan.  Its taking some adjustment and consistent planning to fit it all in, but I am determined to follow her guidance and gain the most from it.  After all....I have many races to do.

Lost Dutchman Marathon
Phoenix Marathon
Marquee Olympic TRI
Rocky Point Olympic TRI
Espirit De She Olympic TRI
Mountain Man Half IRONMAN
Lifetime Olympic TRI

If the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step then I am well on my way.