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Monday, May 4, 2015

Journey to IRONMAN: 6 Weeks to 70.3: 4:55 AM

Whew.....that's a big title.  No, I'm not writing this blog at 4:55AM.  It's part of the journey and I will talk about it in a little bit.

The countdown is here.  6 Weeks almost to the day that I will finish my first IRONMAN distance race with the Boulder IRONMAN 70.3.  It's a big step towards my ultimate goal of claiming that illusive title of IRONMAN.  I have been dreaming about that day and kind of wishing that my ultimate Full IRONMAN race was here, but simply put.....I'm not ready for the 140.6......I'm ready for 70.3.  This goal is big and it is going to take me a while....a journey......to get there.  I want to swim, bike and run my race well and therefore must go one step at a time.  While the countdown has started for me, I am still in heavy training mode for the next 3+ weeks.

Last week was a week focused on swimming in improving my time, fitness and technic in the water.  This week is going to be primarily focused on running with an hour swim session scheduled on Friday a 60 mile bike finish on Saturday followed by another run on Sunday(oh and a weight lifting class in there too!).

IRONMAN demands a nearly daily pursuit.  Oh you're tired...Get up and do it again.  Oh your legs are burning....Get up and do it again.

Which brings me to my 4:55AM.  You see, today is my rest day.  It's the day I have determined I get to 1. sleep in, and 2. rest from physical activity.  Oh wait....3.  and EAT!  Rest days are both good and bad.  When you are at my level of athletics, its hard to rest.  It's hard to not get up and go.  And today was no different. While training, my alarm clock has been permanently set for 5AM.  I have to beat the heat and beat the kids up.  It has taken a while to get used to it, but now without fail I wake up at 4:55AM. In the past month of training 6 days a week, my alarm has actually gone off twice.  I beat it EVERY day.  4:55 has oddly become my companion....even on my rest days.  I truly had a giggle this morning when I groggily woke up thinking I had slept in only to discover my ever faithful 4:55 friend staring me back in the face.  She doesn't know its my day off, I forgive her and frankly over the next year and a half she and I are only going to get closer and closer.  I have truly learned to embrace this new friend in my life and smile.  She is going to help me become an IRONMAN.  I'm okay with her ever constant presence.

The more I immerse myself in this pursuit, the more humbled I have become.  IRONMAN demands it all.  Give everything physically and then get up and give it all again.  Tired is truly a state of mind.  I'm learning to embrace the tired, the sore and the early and find power in it.  To stand humbled by the pursuit, but confident in my ability to achieve it. That's what it is going to take to be great.

Thats what it will take to be IRONMAN.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Finding My Way

Well we have officially been Arizona residents for 1 month.  We are now in that process of "digging in" and finding our place out here in the desert.  I think this week has really been a boost for me on many fronts.  The biggest of which has been finding a MOPS group to be a part of.  I cannot say enough about MOPS.  It is a life saver, life giver and life empowerer (yeah, that's not a word).  You get the picture, it is like the life blood for a SAHM. You never know what you are missing until you go to a playdate with a bunch of kids running around (just like your kids) and wrestling with obedience (whew my kids aren't the only naughty ones) and their mothers attempting conversation while changing a diaper with one hand, nursing with the other and having a debate with their 3 year old in between asking you about your day.  Its Glorious. Yes........these are my people!  Real women in real motherhood really doing it together.  Such a needed place for me right now.

Having IRONMAN to focus on has also been such a life breather for me lately.  I have gotten involved with the Arizona TRI Club and have met so many awesome people. Triathloning may be an individual race, but it is most definitely a team sport!  Last weekend I did and open water swim and a 4 mile run with a lady I had just met! Last Monday I did a bicycle ride with another wanna be triathlete that I met at the open water swim.  The community is huge and I LOVE that I am a part of it.  I will do another Journey to IRONMAN post soon, but I am ready for my 70.3.  IRONMAN....I'm coming for you!

My photography business has been on a bit of a hiatus as I begin again the process of being known.  I trust that the Lord will bless it and am using this time to focus on building my Jamberry team and spending the time I am not training with my girls.  I inevitably will get myself busy again and so I am trying to embrace this time of semi quiet and accept it as a Divine blessing.  The bills will get paid, the finances will even out and I will find my busy, but for now I will love on my girls.

 And good thing too because this little thing?  She is TROUBLE.  Capital T kind of trouble.  That great quote about being little and fierce?  Sums up Evie Frances quite well.  Good Lord if she makes it to adulthood and I'm not crazy it will be a WIN!

Evie was so proud of her picture......on my wall.
Its a new day, a new week and about to be a new month.  Maybe just maybe its time for a new me.  A me that's more joyful and less melancholly, a me that's more hopeful and less cynical, a me that embraces the excitement of the future rather than wishes on the past.  I'm finding my way and maybe, just maybe this month of May is for me.

My Lily Lu photographed this one!  She has potential!