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Monday, August 25, 2014

Journey to IRONMAN: The Dream

I can see it......
The finish line......
Everything hurts, its been such a long, long, LONG day.....
I don't know why I'm doing this and I have fought myself and my aching body for 13+ hours....


There it is.  Right down the line.  Only a few more steps...... just a few more seconds.  The crowd gets louder, their cheers bringing me to the end.  I feel my tired body reenergized, "You did it" I say to myself.  Allowing the reality of a dream come true overtake me, I speed up, against the screaming in my legs.  I raise my arms in victory and cross that IRONMAN finish line.  "Bethany Longmire, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!"  I hear.  A guttural victory cry escapes my lips and I fall into the arms of my family having done it.  

A Dream Come True.

I relive this vision practically every day.  I can see myself doing it.  I will be IRONMAN.  But, its gonna take a lot of work.  A LOT OF WORK.  The victory will be so sweet, but the journey is going to take a level of commitment and dedication that I am just beginning to understand.  It's big.

I rode 45 miles the other day and was exhausted.  The idea of having to ride 112 followed by a marathon and superseded by a 2.4 mile swim is simply hard to grasp.  How?  How am I going to get there?

One lap at a time.

One pedal stroke at a time.

One step at a time.

One race at a time.  Now that I have accomplished the Sprint Distance Tri, its now time to go bigger.  It's time for a Half IRONMAN.  This week, I did it, I registered for my Half IRONMAN.  Boulder IRONMAN 70.3 next June will be the halfway mark to the biggest endurance test of my life.

My journey continues.

Lily Got Her Fairy Wings

This post is late.....okay WAY late, but I just had to make sure I posted it.  We made the trek out to the Renaissance Festival again this year and took Memaw and Papa with us.  Lily was so excited to go back to "where the princesses live" and practically lived in her purple dress from last year for the week leading up to the big day.

The grounds are pretty big so we knew we would be on kid and baby time so we did just about everything we could right at the start, including getting Lily's face painted.  She was so excited to have it done, but wasn't so sure about it while in the chair.

This year was really all about Lily.  She is the perfect age for the festival and just had so much fun.  Upon walking in the front entrance she noticed that a girl had wings.  "Oh Mommy, those are fairy wings, just like Tinkerbell."  Yeah, Disney has got the run on little girls.  We discovered the Disney "Fairies" and have been fully enamored with all things fairy and flying.  Lily was just beside herself. "Mommy, lets get some fairy wings!"

Getting sprinkled with Pixie Dust

So, Miss Lily got her wings.  How cute is she?

We met the King and Queen, watched the jugglers, dancers and bell ringers.  We saw the horses and knights and ate ice cream.  We sat mesmerized at the Celtic Legacy group of musicians....AMAZING, and managed to get back to our car literally seconds before an enormous torrential downpour started.

It was a great morning and we brought home a sleeping baby and a very tired little fairy.