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Friday, April 11, 2014

10 Months

Happy 10 Months to my Little Bee!  

Just as I predicted, she is CRAWLING.  Just a couple of days ago she just up and decided that she was ready to get places on her own and by golly, she became a crawler.  There is no stopping her now!  My days of being able to sit in one place and watch her are fast becoming non existent.  Boy, I'm gonna have to baby proof my life again!  Evie is so determined and gets so frustrated when her little body won't do what her eyes and mind want her to do.  Its pretty cute if you ask me.  For the past month she has desperately wanted to MOVE!  She has been feverishly working on the crawling, but has been taking her time.  Now, she's got it!

Evie is a social butterfly or maybe more aptly a social bubbling bee.  She loves other people.  Point in fact, she loves all people, absolutely no judgement.  If you are new, Evie wants a hug and will literally leap from my arms into yours.  While there are times when I want to take it personally, I am so happy.  She has a big heart for other people.  Her world is and will be very big.  Just the other day we went to the pool.  I had a brief conversation with a stranger about having her chair and Evie was pushing away from me to get into the stranger's arms.  The poor lady wasn't sure what to do?  Take her, not take her?  I finally just gave her over and said, "well its clear she likes you better so I will take a quick break."  She was surprised but took her with such love.  Evie got her stranger snuggles in.  By this time with Lily we were already dealing with seperation anxiety.  It hasn't hit with Evie, we will see if that changes in the near future.

Little Missy here is determined to get big and fast.  Perhaps its because she desperately wants to hang with her big sister or perhaps its just that same determined, independent spirit we seem to impart to our offspring.  While having just started to crawl, she has decided that standing and pulling up on everything is also fun.  I keep trying to tell her that she isn't stable and she continues to ignore, convinced that she is big enough.  Goodness.  I know, I know.....Good luck Mom!

Little Evie is staying just that...little.  While she is growing well, she is just staying my little peanut.  Although 10 months, she is still easily in 9 month clothes.  It's great because all of her clothes are lasting a lot longer.  She does not like bows, however.  It is shocking that I managed to get these shots with them.  She couldn't get that bow off fast enough.

Evie is such a happy little girl, she really is.  Of course there are moments where she is fussy as all get out (I blame it on those crazy teeth), but her joy is just beautiful.  Speaking of teeth, she has 4 completely in with 2 more pushing on through.  It is so very cute when she flashes those teeth.

Much like our other little girl, Evie is a talker.  When she is not sleeping she is babbling, cooing, and making all sorts of noises.  She is clearly saying "ditty" (for kitty) and "addy" (for Dad).  The best part about it is that she actually says ditty when a kitty walks by her.  Such a smarty.  Evie is such a great companion for me and, for the most part, is willing to do just about anything with me these days.  

She is not overly convinced that she loves the jogger and is at present screaming for much of our runs these days.  I keep telling her that I am going to win this one because the fact is.....MOM RUNS.  The End.  We may have a few more miserable runs before she gets it worked out.  Its nice when we run with my girlfriend Sarah because, as you can see, she and Elijah are running buds.

Food is this little girl's best friend these days.  She loves it....all of it!

She also loves her sissy.  Yes, even when she is the plaything.

Oh my goodness is she getting big.  She still loves to see me at least 3 times during the night, so I am still caught in a loop of tired.  People keep telling me I should just stop offering to breastfeed at night so that I can sleep.  Im just not ready to miss her yet.  She will be one in 2 months and at that point we will start transitioning away from me and onto something else.  It will happen fast, I'm not gonna push it.  I love her so much and LOVE when she snuggles quietly in my arms in the wee hours of the morning.  Does my heart good!

Little Bee,

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  You make me happy when skies are grey.  You'll never know how much I love you little one.  I'm happy you are here with me.  You are special.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Prayer for My Lily

Dear Jesus,

Thank you today for this little ray of bright sunshine in my life that I call Lily.  She is beautiful and so special.  I know that it is a good thing, but she is growing up so very fast.  She is quickly becoming a young girl, no longer a toddler.  How blessed I am that you gave her to me.

Lord, I pray for Lily right now as she is discovering the boundaries in her world.  Forgive me when I have been less than gracious.  Her heart is so sweet and her spirit so fun.  Please teach me how to teach her Lord.  Give me the patience to never give up on her even when she wants to argue about everything.  Help me always remember that You taught me and I am a stubborn woman.  She is like me, how could I extend her any less grace?  

She may frustrate me Lord, but you have made her perfectly equipped for the life and purpose ahead of her.  Help her grow strong and confident, a leader and rock for others.  Guard my actions and words that I may build her up and never tear her down.  Help me let go of things I cannot change and fight for the things I can.  Above all help me let her always be a kid.  A fun, crazy dressed, only eats chicken nuggets kid.  Everyone of us deserves a childhood.

Lord I pray that she would know You intimately and that she would let You lead her.   Please bring friends and people in her life who bring her near to You.  I pray that she would have compassion and a heart for others.  I pray that her friendships would be deep and lifelong.

Lord I pray for the men in her life.  I know, she is only 3.5, but one day she won't be.  Lord give her discernment and strength.  Guard her innocence.  Lord I pray that she would cling to the promises of all you have in store for her as long as she waits for You to write her love story.  I pray that she would have lots of guy friends;  the type of guy friends that would defend her, honor her and love her for the amazing, beautiful, smart girl she is.  The type of guy friends that bring her closer to You.  I also pray for my Lily's future husband.  Lord you know who he is and where he is.  Be his King Lord so that when he meets her, he will know how to love his Queen.  Please Father, guard her.

I pray also for my girls as sisters.  Lord I pray that they would be close.  Help me Lord to teach them how to be angry without sinning and to love each other above all.  Help me extend grace to them so that they know how to extend grace to each other.  Please let Lily grow to know how special her big sister role is.  She is who Evie looks up to.  Lord help her to be worthy of it.

More than anything Lord, I pray for abundant life for my Lily Bear.  She is so joyful and I know that this world will try to steal it from her.  Be her protector Lord and above all teach her to trust You.

She is my first baby Lord, a miracle in itself.  I am amazed and humbled by her and blessed to be her Mom.  Thank you Jesus for my little Lily Lu.