Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Bathroom in Progress

 Goodness its been quite a month and its only the 21st!  I should know by now to expect busy Falls, but every year it takes me by surprise and every year I find myself shocked when nearly all of our weekends are filled up until Christmas.  And lets face it.....we didn't exactly have a relaxing Summer!

My photography business is ramping up which is AWESOME and I love it.  That coupled with other work items, being an involved and consistent parent, actually feeding my family, working on a marriage, attempting to have friends and training for races........well.......whew its a busy Fall.

In true Longmire fashion all of the above was only peanuts so we decided to remodel the girls bathroom too.  HA......seriously, when I write it all out I have to giggle, we are funny.  We went all in and demoed our bathroom.  When we go....we go big.

When we bought our house we knew that there was a lot of work ahead of us.  Given the age of the home and the quality of the fixtures, remodeling was gonna be in order all throughout our space.  The girls bathroom has been high on the priority list following the floors.  Over the past year several of the fixtures have broken making the remodel even more important so we decided to go for it.

One thing is for certain, we are GOOD at wrecking our house.  

I loved the blue color and the FROZEN theme I initially went with, but with the new fixtures I felt it was time to literally Let it Go and move onto a sophisticated Non-Disney bathroom.  So I painted the space to match the rest of our house and I love how bright it made it!

Bob and I are nothing, if not frugal, so we have been able to remodel this bathroom with very little cost overall and we have overhauled everything.  We were very fortunate that the previous owner had built a useless counter space in the hallway and we were able to re purpose the granite counter top for this bathroom.  It fits perfectly and Bob was able to  grind the edges and fit it on the existing cabinets.  After a coat of paint on the cabinets and a shined up counter the bathroom is already looking so much nicer!  We then took the light fixtures from our master bathroom (cause that remodel is next) and instantly the classy side started showing.

Bob got our travertine floors laid the other night and our new toilet installed.  We were rocking this project to completion when we noticed some strange warping happening in our office flooring.  Upon careful inspection we noticed that the problem was systemic and that there was a significant amount of water under our flooring.  OH NO!

Bob instantly made the call to tear out our floor, open up our wall and find the root of the problem.  So 2 hours later he discovered a leak in a pipe all the way in the attic.  The leak had been active for about 2 weeks and had been consistent enough to pool under our flooring ruining most of it.  Oh man, when it rains it pours.  

So, our bathroom is now stalled for a little bit while we repair the damage to some old pipes and ensure that we don't have any future leaks.  I am so glad that I married such a handy guy who LOVES fixing problems and who LOVES to remodel.  I also love that he is a guy who is not afraid to cut holes in walls.  I kept hoping we could just imagine the problem away.  The guy has no fear....after all, he can fix it.......I on the other hand had to shut my eyes and walk out of the room while he took a saw to our walls.

It's this kind of stuff that makes for good memories and a quality life story.  Life is fraught with unexpected stuff and once the initial freak out happens, you sit back, smile and add another hiccup into the story.......

Honey....remember that one time we remodeled the girls bathroom........ 

Here's hoping we get the final product soon!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Last year Bob qualified for the Southwest Companion Pass.  We have already put it to great use with all of our Summer travel, but we have been anxiously awaiting the moment when I could sneak away on one of his business trips.  Spontaneous, random, weekday travel. Mom and Dad moved to our state and we decided to start making use of their services :)

I have never  been to the Northwest and in the past 3 months I have seen both Oregon and Washington.  I LOVE travelling.  It is amazing to see the country and the people who inhabit it. Travelling lets you meet other people in other walks of life.  It helps you understand each other better. I love expanding my worldview  and Seattle was amazing!

We flew into Sea Tac and made a mad dash to a rental car for the 3 hour ride to the plains town of Ephrata.  Flying into the woodsy, water filled, dense area of Seattle and then ending the day in literal open farmland was in the world is this all in the same state.  So much fun.

Bob worked and I enjoyed the local (AMAZING) coffee shop and spent some time at Hogwarts.  We then explored the local trails for an evening 5 mile run followed by a sunset dinner on the water.   It was nice to be together.

We slept in the next morning, and then hopped in the car to make our way back to Seattle.  I was determined to do 2 things while I was there.  The Space Needle and the Pikes Place Market.  We stopped at Starbucks and then headed to the amazing cultural center of Seattle for a tour of the Space Needle.

It was SO worth the tickets and the time.  The story of the Needle is incredible and sometimes you just have to stop and realize the amazing things we humans can do.  Bob and I spent a good 30 minutes at the top exploring the city and watching the float planes land on the nearby water.  Such a different city than our Phoenix.

I found myself a little running path while Bob was at his afternoon meeting.  It was so nice to run in the afternoon and have it not be hot.  Running and exploring are my two favorites.

The highlight of the trip for me was getting to see our good friends Anna and Caleb Fields.  These are some of our dearest, kindred friends and we have not been together all 4 of us in over 6 years.  Our friendship has a truly special story and they will always be special souls.  It was like no time has passed and our friendship was every bit as special and beautiful as it was when we were close.  How grateful I am for our 2 hours together. 

Our last day was by far my favorite because we got to wake up, run, and head down to the Public Market!  IT WAS INCREDIBLE and everything I had hoped it would be.  

The Market was a photographer's dream come true.  The colors and textures were bursting out from everywhere.  There was so much to look at and so much to take in.  How I wished we could have purchased a big fresh salmon and a plate full of fresh veggies.  It was spectacular!

The center is alive at nearly every corner and is full of eclectic shops and niche places.  I loved it and found myself wishing I could stay there all day.

PLUS........we found the Starbucks Mothership.  It all started here. I have always wanted to have a picture by its door and now I do!

Shhhhhhh, don't tell Starbucks, but we hit up the local artisan coffee shop and watched them turn our orders into drinkable works of art.  Bob and I had a fabulous time and I cannot wait for the next business trip :)