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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Be Careful Guys.....

Siblings are truly a magnificent thing.  One minute they are best of friends and the next, the worst of enemies.  It really is a "special" thing.  Although I had sibling "like" experiences with my cousins, NOTHING, could have prepared me for the depth of emotions having a sister evokes. Lately, there are times with my girls where I feel entirely out of my element.  I find myself having to lean on the wisdom of my husband.  "Is that REALLY normal behavior Bob?  Really? Or are we destined to have not 1 but 2 James Bond villains in our house?"

A while ago I wrote a post titled "Diddy Happened."  9 times out of 10 Lily is the instigator and because she is bigger, the punisher.  Poor Evie doesn't stand a chance, until lately.  Evie has discovered biting in all its glory.  In fact, Evie nearly bit a chunk of skin off of Lily's back the other day when Lily pushed her to get on top of me.  Its happened many times.  I find myself wanting to jump in victory that Evie can now defend her self, and find myself having to wrestle with discipline for all infractions.  

Bob and I laughed out loud the other day at the park.  Evie was doing her independent thing and Lily had befriended 2 sisters playing in the park.  They were walking around, telling secrets and becoming bossom buddies.  They had all sat down to have a "proper chat" in the little park hut when Evie meandered over to the group.  Lily has always been good at including and standing up for her sister in public situations, so when she jumped off of her seat, grabbed Evie's hand and said, "This is my sister, be careful guys!"  I really thought I was going to see one of those rare moments of protection for which I find myself brimming with joy.  Instead, she heroically put herself between Evie and her friends and followed her warning with, "She Bites!"  They all ran off after that announcement and Evie was once again on her own.  She never minds.  Playing in a carefree world with no torment is kind of nice.  

I laughed and then thought, good! Maybe even just the threat of biting will offer a bit of protection.  Evie won't be trifled with.......she bites!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dopey Challenge 2015: Day 4- I Just Might Be Dopey!

Day 4!  The Marathon, the Big Kahuna, then End in sight.  I seriously was so excited the morning of the marathon I was up at 3:45 raring to go.  I was really excited too because my brother Mike and his lovely wife Kathy were gearing up for their first ever marathon.  Such a big morning.

It just so happened that my dear girlfriend Grace Jessup's cousin Melissa was running the Dopey Challenge too.  It took us all 4 days to get it coordinated, but we managed to meet and have a few moments to chat before the 26.2 started.  Even though it was short, it was great to connect.  When I hugged Melissa I felt like I was hugging my sweet Texas friend.  Miss you Grace!

I didn't have a time goal for the 26.2, but absolutely intended to run my own race and fueled right for it.  I have learned so much about fueling and have made some dramatic changes in my routine.  The biggest has been adding Advocare into my pre and post race routine.  Amazing.  After running 3 days in a row I was fired up and felt strong.  Nothing was going to hold me back.

Unfortunately, Mike and Kathy were in a different corral than me, and Bob, of course, was in with the elites, so I headed on my journey lone wolf style.  I was ready.  Bob took off and enjoyed capturing as many of the character shots as he could given there was no line.  Throughout the race he met Mary Poppins and Bert....

Minnie and Daisy....

The Incredibles......

and Cinderella's Fairy Godmother.  Seriously, how fun.

I didn't stop for many pictures, but I just LOVE the Cinderella Castle and couldn't help but capture the moment.  I just felt so great!

The race was one in a million for me.  I never hit the wall, I never faded, I never slowed my pace.  At mile 17 in fact I passed the 4:15 pacers and literally blew past them.  I left them in the dust and never saw them again.  At the 25 mile mark, I definitely had to talk myself to the end.  My body was telling me it was time to stop, but I gave more and came in 20 minutes faster than any previous marathon.  I shaved nearly a minute per mile off of my best time purely by fueling correctly and adding in Advocare. Yes, I love to run and trained really well, but seriously, nutrition is key!

It was so much fun to come across that finish line having done so well and finished so strong.  I was so happy to be done running, but had so much left in my tank.  I cannot begin to tell you how much fun it was to get all of our medals.  What an accomplishment!

Bob and I finished well before Kathy and Mike so we went home, showered, got their kids and headed back to the finish line to cheer them across.  I was so proud to see them come around the corner and make it to the finish line.  A first marathon is a big thing!

After 4 days and 48.6 miles, our shirt and medal collection was complete.

We did it and YES we shamelessly took a "Michel Phelps" photo.  We earned that hardware and love every piece of it!


The day following the Dopey Challenge, we decided to spend in Magic Kingdom.  It was perfect in the morning and we enjoyed everything that we could.  

Lily met her idol Elsa and chatted up Anna too.  How cute does she look?

We enjoyed all of the kiddy rides before the rain came in and literally started to pour down in sheets.

We ran our way through and out of the park, got home and enjoyed out last night in Orlando.  We were all tired from our running and saturated from our unplanned "shower."

The whole trip was a huge success.  We accomplished much and enjoyed running in the "happiest place on earth!"