Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Biltmore Birthday

Birthday's are always a big deal around here.  These little girls are blessed with some pretty awesome people in their lives who love to shower celebrations on them.  

Lily's birthday started last month when she got to spend a fancy night out at the Arizona Biltmore!

Grandma Lynn, Evie, Lily and I all headed to Scottsdale for a magical night.  We played in the pool and then got all dressed up for our dinner.  Lily was serenaded by the waiter and given a free birthday dessert, and of course, she got to stay up crazy late watching movies.  Man the kid is a night owl.  I couldn't hang with her!

The next day we spent the day poolside soaking up what was left of the Summer sun.  We had a Cabana all to ourselves and the girls played incessantly in the pool while Gma and I enjoyed our recliners.

The Biltmore was amazing, and it was a wonderful part of Lily's birthday!

She's 7

Lily Lou!  Happy Birthday.

What a weekend it has been for you and what a month of celebrating it has been.  Your birthday is always so special because you are so special.

You are 7 this year and growing up so beautifully.  Your personality is shining so very bright right now and you are so very smart.  1st grade looks so good on you.  It has been an absolute delight watching you thrive and LEARN.  You are astounding at math and your work ethic is incredible.  You are a self starter and are willing to push hard to get things done.  You are nearly a proficient and independent reader.  You sit in the group of smart kids in your class.  You are helpful and respectful and your teacher loves you.  Lily you are doing you, and you are changing the world.

I am proud of you kid. You ride your bike or power your scooter to and from school like a champ.  You are not afraid and have the boldness to go and be and do.  Its awesome to watch.

Your compassion and empathy run so deep in you.  You are incredibly sensitive towards injustice and will seek to do battle for those threatened.  You have a heart as big as the world little girl and I can see Jesus' hands and feet working through you.  Keep choosing to be a light, keep choosing to love.

Shine on little lady and always embrace the incredible being you are.  Happy 7th birthday!  May this one be one of your best years yet!