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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Many Ventures of Bethany

Did anyone ever watch that show, "The Old Adventures of New Christine"?  I think I may have watched one episode, but when I was thinking about the title for this blog post, it came to my mind.  I love adventures.  I really do.  I love doing spontaneous things, new things and exciting things.  I love being and entrepreneur too.

I would never have thought that the last little statement would have been true of me had you asked 10 years ago.  I'm not a huge risk taker, or a smart business head.  Frankly running and or owning my own business was INCREDIBLY daunting to me.  Call it a fear of failure.  It's truly scary to put yourself out there and wonder if you will be accepted or rejected.

This past year has been a really big turning point for me.  I love my 30's.  There is something so awesome about feeling confident in myself as a person, woman and businesswoman.  I started my own photography business this past year and the Lord has really BLESSED it!  It has been an incredibly empowering experience to start something that really is mine and watch it grow.  I cannot wait to see where Bethany Jayne Photography goes.  I have such a heart for capturing people's memories and I simply love the clients that I have met.

I have also discovered Advocare.  There are so many health and wellness businesses out on the market today.  I really had yet to find a performance line that really impacted my running and lifestyle.  I was introduced to Advocare and their Performance Elite line and absolutely love it.  It has dramatically enhanced my training and fitness and has helped me shave over 20 minutes off my best marathon time.  That is huge.  The Core Plex vitamin supplement with Spark, O2 Gold, Muscle Fuel and Nighttime Recovery has been a game changer.  I am an avid supporter of the line and love that I can say I am an Advocare Distributor.

MILA has been in my life for 4 years now and I would not go without it.  As someone who struggles with gut health, MILA is amazing.  As a whole raw food it is an organic source of omegas, fiber and antioxidants plus it curbs appetite, helps control blood sugar and helps keep you hydrated.  It is powerful and still impacting my health and the health of many people closest to me!

My latest adventure has been one completely out of the realm of health and fitness.  Jamberry is all about fashion and I cannot help but tell you how much I have fallen in love with this new nail wrap business.  I have always loved to have my nails done, but despise nail polish.  I am also not a manicure getter.  It's too expensive and I am too hard on my hands.  Plus manicures never last for more than a week (if you are lucky) and then you have to get them done again.   I love Jamberry.  It has helped me stop biting my fingernails and has made this busy mom feel like she gets to do something fun and fancy for herself.  The best part?  They don't chip or fade, stay on my hands for almost 2 weeks and have all sorts of fun designs all for about 5 dollars a manicure.  Yes!  I am Jam Believer.  Jamberry is the real deal and I believe in it.

I love being a woman of many talents.  I love selling products I believe in to people.  The people that I have met and am meeting through all of these ventures have been amazing.  I love the network I have discovered.

I may be a woman of many talents, and at times wonder how I am going to keep all of these businesses going, but this one thing I know.  I do what I love and love what I do!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Bravely Go

We're moving.  No, its not really new news.  In all honesty, most of you that read my blog consistently probably are sitting there going, "Ya, we know Bethany."  Well, okay, this blog maybe is about me just saying it out loud and facing the reality that we are once again moving.

It's really funny how life works.  When we moved back to Colorado I was dead set that we were never moving again.  I was certain that Colorado was the end game.  How cute of me.  I was really convinced that once we got back to the  Rocky Mountains we would never want to leave them.  Again, its funny how life works.

When Bob had a job change last Summer, I was hit with the notion that we might someday have to move back to AZ.  I was initially so resistant but now?  I am seriously so excited about it.  We loved our years in Arizona and made some of our best friendships there.

Since making the decision to transplant our family I have been praying that the Lord would allow me to graciously say goodbye to Colorado and instead of holding onto it with a "I want to come back" grip, let it go completely and embrace a new future for our family.  God has been good on that front and while I will miss Colorado and the dear friends I have made, I am ready to close the chapter on it.  It's a big step for me.

So as of April 1 of this year, we will be Arizonans again.  We have bought a cute little home in Northeast Mesa and are anxious about the chance to once again make a house our home.  It will be wonderful to not rent anymore.  This move is so big not only for my little family but also because my parents are selling the home I grew up in and moving to Arizona too.  Yes, it is so exciting, but also just another reality check that Colorado and the memories I made will not be those made by my daughters.  It's going to be a hard change......for all of us.

Inevitably, this month of March will be the month of goodbyes and frankly, I don't really want to say them.  I would rather just say "See you later" and leave it at that.  You would think by now I would have the goodbye thing down, but it is still hard.  I have so many dear friends here.

This week as I begin the packing process, I am reminding myself to be brave.  "Be You Bravely" has been the MOPS theme this year and I am amazed at how applicable it has been for me.  I am not afraid to go, I love Arizona, but I am a little afraid to let go.......so much of my and our history was made here in the shadow of the Rockies.

But alas, it is time to say goodbye.

Our story is a good one, full of challenge and change.  I am so grateful that we love a Jesus who stays the same through it all.

Goodbye Colorado......thanks for the memories.

Hello Arizona......its GOOD to be back!